The Master Brewers RECRUITNING NOW! - High Sec Mining, Manufacturers. LOOKING FOR ALL SKILL SETS OLD AND NEW

the master brewery was created by veteran players.
A chance for a fresh start and a new path.
We’re quite knowledgeable of New Eden, but there are always new things to learn!

Areas of Operation

We have a base of operations in high sec.

What We Offer:

  • NewBro Friendly
  • Friendly & Relaxed Atmosphere
  • Discord & Voice Chat
  • Place to hone PVP skills
  • group mining fleets

☼ - New Players - ☼

  • A Path to Making ISK
  • Entry Level Ships for Mining and PVE
  • Buyback Programs for Ore, Salvage, and Loot
  • A plethora of knowledge in Exploration to get you started
  • Corp Advancement & Rankings That Serve a Purpose

☼ - Veteran Players - ☼

  • Boosts
  • Buyback Programs for Ore, Salvage, and Loot
  • Advanced Industry and Mining (Including Moon Mining)

What We Ask:

  • Maturity and Respect
  • Live in the same station as the Corp
  • Willing to Work as a Team When Needed
  • Have a microphone
  • Be Able to Join Discord & at Least be Able to Listen When Needed
  • Being active, helping the corp and alliance when scheduled events are pinged in discord
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