The Maythorn Corporation - The Island of Dead Body Collectors

Our group is looking for a few good weirdos to add to our growing list player types. If you fit one of the following descriptions, you’ll find a good home with us.

  • You have a growing collection of frozen dead bodies in your hanger
  • You get a hard-on/wide-on when you cloak drop an unsuspecting Rattlesnake
  • You rejoice in causing mayhem in null or low sec just for the adrenaline drop you feel
  • You’re so salty that doctors recommend medication for you and others.

If you fit all of these descriptions, join our public channel 5THRN in game. Then stay the hell away from me when you’re flying around like a bat out of hell in our space. I’ll give you ships so long as you leave me alone.

We are also looking for seasoned industrialists that have the nerve to mine and build in WH space. If you have the following qualities, you will also fit in our group well.

  • You want to mine gas to make drugs, then give it to combat pilots and watch them go crazy.
  • You want to get that good ice in shattered WH space.
  • You feel more secure mining when you have crazy pilots nearby to blow ■■■■ up.
  • You don’t mind being Procurer bait and shitting your pants watching your shields drop to 0.

You can speak to Demolitiona if you’re interested in expanding your industrial horizons in WH space. Just know that you’re basically building ships for crazy corpse collectors who will (occasionally) pop you just to have a copy of your dead body in their hangers.

Still looking for more.

Another bump for today. They collected a lot of bodies this weekend. One of them is cackling about spreading collected carbon over the dead skin…

Looking for more body collectors.

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