The Nightmare

Can we please turn it sideways so it looks less like a spikey sex toy?

And then adjust the spikey mohawk bit to be more central in it’s vertical-ness?


Traumatised of Minmatar.

PS: Sweet jebus it’s an ugly beast.

Well I’m never going to unsee that.


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I prefer the Phantasm. Nothing better than a rocket-propelled spikey dildo.

Sideways crap always feels more Gallente than anything else… at least to me it does. Amarr generally always have the sleak sexy ships, Caldari tend to have weird protrusions on otherwise mostly-symmetrical ships (reminds me a lot of my kid actually), the model seems to fit its current racial trends.

So, does that mean the Myrmidon is from Bad Dragon?

Seriously, if its not a dildo vertically, its a dildo horizontally

Used to anyway, until the new art director decided to turn them into some of the most genetic ships in all of scifi

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