The Permanent Green Safety Brigade

Yes, I absolutely did, but it would work out fine, because it would be done in total transparency and at a considerable cost.

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Yeah, I’m going to need you to go back and edit your posts to make me right. Thanks.

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I fail to see how increased cost makes it any less attractive to players were isk is not a consideration.

And as always a mechanic has a flip side. What about the new player who really likes the idea of a war. Wants to declare war on someone for content. Well your system has been described as cost prohibitive for a player with a trillion isk in the bank. In fact that’s your proposal for ensuring newbros don’t get griefed. But how do new players then afford it?

Arnt new players that want to get into PVP what the game wants and needs? But now we are creating a system where they can be griefed by the mechanic and also being actively excluded from the positives of the mechanic because you are tying it to wealth.

How many months grind for isk will it take a new player in order to be able to pay for a war?

In what possible way is this better than the status quo? I’m not saying the status quo is good. Just this in my mind is exponentially worse.

This is the great part: they don’t. Instead newbies should go to low sec for PvP.

Under the current system and under the previous system, declaring war isn’t and wasn’t any serious option for the newbie. You’d need to be the guy in charge of the corporation for one thing, before you could declare.

The point of this thing is for rich players being able to go after established players in decent ships in high sec. Make high sec less safe, but in a mano-a-mano fashion.

For total newbies nothing would change in practice.

So why even change it then?

What is the point of any of this if it makes no change or gives new players no incentive to PVP?

And regardless of whether the mechanic is “for them” or not……They can still be a victim of it.

It’s another barrier, its another disincentive for new players who already in many case view the game as waste of time because of the skills barriers. And yes come at me with they…….we all started they same way. Well no……we didn’t. When i started players had potential a 17 year skill head start on me. Now its 19. The longer the game exists the bigger the “perceived” barrier………and the solution to content is to add to those barriers?

I get some of you think stuff like this would magical solve all the content problems. My view is it may in the shorty term. But long term it will be destructive.

I cant see my views changing on that.

I just think it would be fun for intermediate and veteran players. That’s why I want it.

This is true, but the thing is, all skills originate from CCP, mostly in exchange for dollars.

We either paid up personally, or grinded ISK in exchange for the SPs (injectors/PLEX) purchased by another player.

Collectively, the older players simply bought all their power for real cash, like the idiots we are.

Newbies just haven’t coughed up enough money for CCP yet. The vets did. This is why there is a big difference.

I’m not opposed to helping newbies not to make the mistakes we made, but this is where gaming the system comes in (account spinning).

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All of which seems to be based around the idea that a new player thinks like you (or a player that understands Eve). They don’t.

A new player isn’t interested in “gaming the system”. They are only interested in whether or not the game is good. And exclusionary and biased mechanics that make the game even harder to get into are just going to increase the already high proportion of players that say “this blows……I’m off to play something else”

New players wont stick around if the deck is stacked against them. They barely seem to stick around as it is.


God damn that was well said.

That made me laugh :rofl:

You say that but why is ganking and killing new bros outlawed in starter sys and some others I think . Was it because it was being done, yes I know it was the minority doing it but it always is

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As Githany pointed out, no one is doing that… because it currently gets you banned.

Not because gankers wouldn’t find it rewarding. Ill thank you to not insult the intelligence of everyone present by pretending ganking is about loot drops.

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they would do it and get bored
and leave
but one newbie repeatedly ganked in a new player system would look like a big problem in ccp eyes
people have more to do than lose their time in the middle of nowhere doing a job for 0 isk
for example , no one is following you , they probably scanned you in a trading hub
people tend to be paranoid in eve

You are always followed in eve and scanned even if you can’t see them they are there, and the ship sitting there like a fat Turkey is always bait . If ever I lose a ship fitting I only have to ask safety what the fit was :blush:

I’m not paranoid

Gankers are not a monolith. Just because some guys are turds, doesn’t mean they all are. Moreover, many gankers, myself included, gank for profit.


I primarily mine and do industry and even I think PVP should stay cuz I need something to waste my money on or Reason to upgrade or make my stuff a Sandbox game cannot work without construction and destruction and exploitation

I need destruction and exploitation to keep my job or have a purpose
if there was no destruction there would be no demand which means no purpose for crafting means no fun for me

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NPC buy orders.

Checkmate, griefer scumbags. :smirk:

Some parts of the Game you need to be in character and other parts you stay as you are.

The green safety is a lot like this I think.

I wish there was an arcade part of Eve, but in some minigame style events, like tournaments,
where one could get say one frees ship, and three lifes, or three identical ship for the price of the ticket to the tournament. The idea of three lifes could be seen as a steering away from Eve and I’m aware it’s not cool, so have three identical ships instead it would do the trick. I can see many newbros could find some relief knowing there’s more to EVE than Pve… Idk…