The Red Island Foundation is Recruiting EU/US Pilots!


The Red Island Foundation (TRIF.) is a member of Triumvirate (TRI) alliance and we’re looking for more pilots to join our ranks! From low-sec, to wormholes, to null-sec, and from small gang roams to supercap fights we’ve experienced a wide range of what Eve has to offer. We pride ourselves on the relaxed and welcoming community we have built over the years.

A Brief History:

TRIF started out as a small group in the depths of Stain. After a brief stint in sov null we went to low sec as part of Shadow Cartel and spent three years killing everything we could with every kind of ship in the game. After our years in lowsec we ventured into Thera and roamed and blops’d across nearly every region of null sec. When we had our fill of Thera we returned to sov null flying with Pandemic Legion and now as members of TRI.

Eve is a constantly changing game, and TRIF has rolled with those changes over the years and adapted to whatever suits us best.

What we Offer:

  • Easy access to a variety of pvp opportunities
  • A supportive and robust corp culture
  • Easy isk making to fuel that pvp itch

What we Require:

  • EU/US time zone
  • A capital alt
  • A chill attitude

If this sounds like your kind of corp contact meandeane651 here on the forums or in game!


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