The Riot Club - PvP Corporation

The Riot Club is a PvP Corporation currently living in low sec.

What We Offer:
-Daily fleets
-Blops & Capital fleets
-Gate camps
-Wormhole & Null roams
-Laid back fun environment (No Drama)
-EU & US tz
-Part of an active alliance
-Moon mining
-Ore buyback

What We Require:
-English speaking
-PvP experience
-Have a working mic and be on teamspeak when on fleets
-20 mil sp minimum (Flexible)
-Good amor and shield skills
-2nd Account is recommended
-Full API key
-No alphas

If you are interested in joining or just want more information you can join our in game channel The Riot Club - Open or mail MrEpidemic or Rick Sklor

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