The RIOT. Formation - Established & Experienced Corp - NEEDS INDUSTRIALISTS & MINERS!

Attention industrialists of New Eden!

The Riot Formation is a famous corp* from North of The Wall. Most closely associated for space violence, we have recently expanded our interests into inanimate objects, devoid of any intelligence, sentient qualities or ability to fight back. Apart from a new found interest in shooting Goons, we are also getting into mining rocks.

Part of the illustrious and well smart Darkness alliance, we have vast areas of pixel-space that are ready to be plundered and require a swelling of our ranks to achieve, this. So, if you of a mature nature, based in the US or Europe, speak English and know how to tie your own shoelaces (extra special treatment if you know how to tie a Windsor knot in a tie), then please read on!


  • Freedom to mine your ass off and get ridiculously wealthy provided you stick to the stuff “in return” below.

  • Comprehensive ship replacement programme (SRP) – your mining ships (except Rorquals) are provided by the corp

  • Entirely self sufficient - we mine, build, destroy, transport, fund and exist with no outside assistance.

  • Drunken comms singing as standard

  • Maybe some cake. Depends on the who’s about.

  • Over 21’s policy, no kids or space-babies

  • Partner/Family friendly playtimes - free wife-faction resistance plating for all members

  • Teamspeak, sweet website, Discord, stuff

  • Experienced leadership – our directors have been around since 2003 and flown with major players in some of EVE’s most famous alliances

  • Token Australian

In return:-

  • Commit to one full days mining for the corp per week, these are normally well attended and a bit of a social event

  • Run a PI planet for the corp – you can of course have as many as you like, but one must be donated to the corp.

  • Be sensibly active

  • Use our comms

  • Practice your favourite song for the affor mentioned drunken comms singing

  • Be able to read, listen and comprehend English

  • Have 2 million skillpoints

  • PVP interest is a major benefit – we have standard alliance CTA’s and though your attendance isn’t mandatory, we would prefer it if you had a little bloodlust in your repertoire.

Probably some other stuff that I have forgotten so do please come speak to us for a more comprehensive chat! You can speak direct to @Altrexis_Rin (EU) or A’deani Alleile (US), we also have our own in-game public chat channel called The Kings Head and we also lurk on Discord right here: - RIOT Recruitment Discord Channel so come see us soon!

*95% of woman surveyed in a quiet system in Branch agreed that The Riot Formation are famous

Ore mined during OP goes to my pocket or to corp?

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-------> CLICK THIS Riot Recruitment

Eve mail me when you can, I’d like to talk to you.



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