The Scourge of God - Low Sec, Casual RL Always First-UStz

Greetings and Salutations!

The Scourge of God, a recently reopened corporation, is looking for able bodied players interested or experienced in Low Sec, NPC Null and occasionally High Sec PvP to join us in our crusade!

Based out of the Solitude area, we came here looking for friendship and economic opportunities with the recent changes to ore distribution. What we found was… Drama Central. While there are some top line groups operating in the area, some, just need to go. In the spirit of that, we have broke away and determined to “help” them move.

[ What we offer you!! ]
Nothing… Well not exactly true. We have a decent SRP program going, the ability to teach (please ask questions…) you an assortment of money making jobs and gimmicks and a general love for shooting people. The ore buy back program is in place but on hold as is the handing out of industrial prints to manufacture your wet dreams…

[ What we expect of you! ]
Do you enjoy being part of the BIG line members, bashing away in blessed slow motion? Look elsewhere. We want a core group of people that are willing to form small strike forces, 6 to 8 people thick, for small gang activities that can come together for something more. But above all else we need people that are willing to enjoy themselves.

As of right now we are in a “Crusade” as it were and would love to talk to any and all interested parties that would like to here our plan. After that, our area that we have scouted out is still “mighty fine” in grabbing all ore and manufacturing opportunities that we could ever need, we just need people to realize it.

Join the in-game recruitment chat TheSOG or send me a mail, or check our or new sad discord: !

(RL ALWAYS come first, just looking for those guys that want to come in, join the small group and help us grow as the “core”, contact me!)

Basically a start up that said forget waiting and dove in head first. Looking for the core members to grow, develop and push each other to succeed!

I think I might be interested. Current situation is stagnating without much hope for anything better. About me (this toon is an alt, not my main) Reasonably competent PVP oriented small gang pilot. My killboard is currently 63% dangerous, but I fly a lot of hard tackle in assault frigs, so a lot of my deaths are sacrificial. Industry is how I make my isk. I run 3 omega accts with 8 total toons at the moment, about to expand that. I am familiar with BLOPS, COV-OPS, and most other types of small gang operations. A fair hand at cloaky camping, scouting, and generally harassing enemy operations. Can FC, but usually prefer not to if others are competent. Down side to me is… I’m a bit old and I don’t care for stupidity and obnoxious behavior. I never talk smack and I never give up salt and don’t care to fly with people that do either. If you are interested, let me know and give me an ingame contact.

In game mail sent with a few more details. Looking forward to chatting with you.

Setting up operations and trying to fit square pegs in round holes! Stiil looking to fill first round of recruits.

Looking for more! PvP’rs, teachers or anyone that wants to try something new, stop in for a chat!

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