The Set Division - Aggressive FW and PvE corp

The Set DIvision is a minmatar militia FW corp that also does exploration/pve on the side. We are only interested in pilots who are already a member or were an active member of the Minmatar or Gallente Militia, or active Low Sec PvP’rs.


  • t2 fit Svipul, Stealth Bomber, Ceptors, Assault Frigates, Shield Battlecruisers and Cruisers, and basic combat probing skills/experience
  • comms are a must with fleet ops and as a rule of thumb in general.
  • Adult, we are a bunch of vulgar trolls, no minors allowed.
  • Post Downtime and United States evening/late night Timezones primarily.
  • Must not have a - (negative) standing with Any Minmatar or Gallente NPC corps or the faction itself. (no exceptions)

We offer:

  • lots of hunting for fights (not much hunting required in FW)
  • hands on experience in FW , Piracy, Wormhole Raids, and Bomber Roams into 0.0
  • Mission Standings help and PvE fleet ops
  • Training and Fitting advice as well as guidance in developing focused skillplans (if you want it)
  • Loose Doctrines to allow members personal preference and versatility in operations
  • Ore Buyback for those who have mining alts

If you are interested in joining the corp or if a member has referred you to this page. Feel free to reply here or mail me in game at Menenhetet Neteru so we can properly begin the conversation. We are very selective, no unapproached and offered applications will be considered.

Thanks for your time.

Set Command

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