🇬🇧 The Southern Pikeys are recruiting! WE NEED YOU! [UK Timezone]

The Southern Pikey’s is a renewed corp currently seeking pilots of all skill levels. We live near the Jita trade hub and have easy access to low sec and high level missions! There is always action right round the corner whatever you want to do! We love PVP as well as PVE this includes Industry, we are a friendly bunch of players and look forward to growing our wagon!

What We Do
Anything you can dream of!
All aspects of combat!
All types of industry

None: Play EvE the way you want to play.
Alpha Clones Welcome! RL comes first :slight_smile:

We Offer
Free Skillbooks for players (within reason)
Ship Fitting Help
Experienced capital pilots
SRP(ship replacement programme) on corp ops
Helpful environment for newbros and returning players
Friendly environment with a laid back attitude

How To Contact Us
Join our discord server : https://discord.com/invite/pxuqegEqbF
Message us in the in-game chat channel : “Southern Pikeys”

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Don’t miss the opportunity people =)

Plenty of room for everyone!

Come have some fun everyone!

I have candy!

Come an join everyone!

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