Southern 0utlaws Industries-Looking for old and new players To Grow

Southern 0utlaws Industries

I am developing a small, community based high sec corp to explore some of the core components of the game and wanted to reach out to see if anyone was interested in joining us. Looking for pilots of all shapes and sizes, new and old to create a small community of players that are interested in small gang pvp, Mining, Indy, exploring, and mission running.

-About Us-

Southern 0utlaws Industries are a small, mature, close knit corporation that invests in its members. The Corporation is currently exploring PVE content, looking to team up to do activities across various sectors, develop as pilots, and explore the game together.
Our CEO has over 12 years in eve online he has done it all and is will to train up pilots.Right now we are located in Caldari space but are looking for different options.

What we offer:

  •  Lvl 4 mission running in 2 factions
  •  Max orca boost
  •  Small skill book programe
  •  Training in all walks of life in eve

Goal for the corporation is to

  •  grow into a Indy empire
  •  Be a place where it is fun
  •  Make lots of isk
  •  And teach players to be eve billionares

If you like what you have read and wanna learn more about us just join in game Southern 0utlaws Industries Pub.


Thinking about playing eve again but solo is for ■■■■ and boring. When i left 7ish years ago i was pretty far along skilling up to do higher mining and indy. Looks like i am going to have to relearn this game a bit lol. Looking for a mellow corp thats not a scam or is out to rob my newb ass.


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