Looking for Miners and Mission Runners New and Old Players

Hi there everyone, we’re Dirty South Industries and we’re looking for Alpha, Newbie and chilled players!

We’re based out in high sec space and we want YOU!

We’re open to all avenues of life - are you an industrial pilot looking to make ISK? Are you wanting to learn Incurision and Abyss Running? Are you a mission runner who enjoys the experience of slaughtering NPCs, or maybe you dive into combat sites and anomolies looking for loot or money? We’ll take you on!

If you’re looking for a more chilled life in EvE, then we’ll accommodate you too! We have 0 activity requirements and accept pilots from all time zones too!And we do have some goals.

Contact either me or Marvin Popcorn Suttom in game if you want to know more, or want to come along on our journey! Hope to hear from you soon!


Max Orca Boost
LVL 4 Missions in Caldari and Ammatar Mandate Space
BPC Colliction we can offer to help u make isk

what we want you to have:

Be willing to help
Be willing to get on coms
Be a adult
and be will to learn or help new bros learn.

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