The Squirrel Academy (Est. 2004) - Providence - Nullsec Community with Purpose

Please see our testimonials, code of conduct, corp mantra and killboard, and Apply in-game at The Squirrel Academy corporation information page…

The Squirrel Academy aims to provide the perfect environment in which to develop your skills, engage and have fun with your corp-mates, and fleet-up with one of the most prestigious , well-established alliances in game. We regard nullsec sovereignty to be a privilege which is earned, and our philosophy is one of ‘soldier first, tradesman second’, so when the bugle sounds we down our tools and take up arms… every one of us fleets up. We respect one another, value every corp-mate , and with limited membership we have no inactive pilots .

  • Purpose: As proud members of the prestigious Provibloc coalition, our purpose is to support the CVA alliance in defending Providence region from would-be invaders of its territories, whilst providing safe passage to neutral pilots under our unique NRDS (Not Red - Don’t Shoot) rules of engagement

  • Nullsec Sovereignty in close proximity to highsec

  • PvP fleets many times a day with monthly medals and awards for pilots who participate most

  • Mining Events seven days a week

  • Outstanding Training Package guidance for beginners and intermediates

  • Active Community (EveWho tm) to support your learning with weekly corp meetings

  • Ore Exchange and Loot bought at UNBEATABLE Prices

  • Courier services

  • Ship Replacement Programs

  • Highsec Training Corp from where to get started or recover from your hiatus

Whether you are seeking your first player corporation, a fantastic mining opportunity, great ratting , your first real taste of PvP , big fleet fights , vindicating ‘hot-drops’ or just an active, supportive, sociable group to fly with, we want you to enjoy being with us.

We provide you with all you need to be successful and ensure your wallet is always full with our generous buyback programs.

We offer the very best support at all levels, we are new-bro friendly and always happy to help.

We recruit players of all age groups and time zones, and our training plan ensures you accomplish your personal goals , whilst also being able to fly our corp doctrines and fleet-up with the alliance in defence of the region.

Please see our testimonials, code of conduct, corp mantra and killboard, and Apply in-game at The Squirrel Academy corporation information page…

Two Corporations - One Family

For new and returning players, we recommend our affiliated empire training corp, providing you with a highsec training base, good local markets, a safe place to mine and mission agents at all levels. There are no entry requirements or expectations here, just a casual environment in which to learn the basics or recover from your hiatus. You can stay as long as you wish, or step up to the challenge of The Squirrel Academy and the rewards of nullsec when you are ready. We believe that by recruiting you early and providing you with all you need to get started, we have a better chance of earning your loyalty in the long term.

Well what can i say about this Corp…I’ve come back after a 3-4 year break and this is the happiest i’ve been since i started playing eve from the start. Why?

I have tried so many corps over the years that have either died out or not fulfilled the boasts and promises that they advertise.

These guys have been awesome - There is PVP to be had if you want - Need help mining? No problems…Need help in general? This is the place. Seriously!! Great bunch of guys from US/EU time zones. Plenty of activity - Lots of knowledge and resources available.

I can’t sing the praises of the leaders and members of the corp high enough - Wish i had know about them years ago - probably would never have stopped playing…

What you see is what you get… 3 more active pilots please

I’m interested. 51m sp but a noob to pvp. Most skills are aimed toward exploration and combat, with the ability to mine as well. I would like to learn more about pvp and do what I can to help the group, but my main source of income has been exploration. I would like to learn more about the null sec corporation

99 souls on board…