THE SQUIRREL ACADEMY - Inviting honourable pilots and corporations to Providence


Please see our website, for our code of conduct,, purpose. strategy and killboard, before Applying in-game at The Squirrel Academy corporation information page or via our online application form.

The Squirrel Academy aims to provide the perfect environment in which to develop your game, have fun with your corp-mates, and fleet-up with one of the most prestigious alliances in-game. We regard null-sec sovereignty to be a privilege we earn through our mantra of ‘soldier first, tradesman second’. When the horn blows we fleet-up or dock-up, and with membership capped at around 100 to maintain a tight community, we have no inactive pilots .

  • Our Purpose: To support the Provibloc Coalition in the defence of Providence from any invaders, whilst endeavouring to provide safe passage to neutral pilots under our, “innocent until proven guilty”, NRDS (Not Red - Don’t Shoot) rules of engagement.

  • Nullsec Sovereignty in close proximity to high-sec

  • Extensive Blueprint Library and Industry Team

  • PvP fleets many times a day with MONTHLY MEDALS and T2 CRUISER AWARDS FOR TOP 5 PVPERS

  • Moon Mining Events seven days a week with MONTHLY MEDALS and T2 EXHUMER AWARDS FOR TOP 3 MINERS

  • Outstanding Training Package guidance for beginners and intermediates

  • Active Community (EveWho) to support your learning with weekly corp meetings

  • Extensive Buyback Program

  • Courier services

  • Ship Replacement Programs

  • The ideal space for returning pilots to recover from their hiatus


Whether you are seeking your first player corporation, a fantastic mining opportunity, great ratting, your first real taste of PvP, **big fleet fights **, vindicating ‘hot-drops’ or just an active, supportive, sociable group to fly with, we want you to enjoy being with us.

We provide you with all you need to be successful and ample opportunity to maintain a healthy wallet with our reward-based buyback programs, i.e. the more kill-mails you appear on, the greater your reward.

We offer the very best support at all levels, we are new-bro friendly and love to help.

We recruit mature players of all age groups, across all time zones, and our training plan ensures you can accomplish your personal goals, while also being able to fleet-up in the doctrine ships of the coalition for the big fights.

Please see our website, for our code of conduct, , purpose. strategy and killboard , before Applying in-game at The Squirrel Academy corporation information page or via our online application form .


Well what can i say about this Corp…I’ve come back after a 3-4 year break and this is the happiest i’ve been since i started playing eve from the start. Why?

I have tried so many corps over the years that have either died out or not fulfilled the boasts and promises that they advertise.

These guys have been awesome - There is PVP to be had if you want - Need help mining? No problems…Need help in general? This is the place. Seriously!! Great bunch of guys from US/EU time zones. Plenty of activity - Lots of knowledge and resources available.

I can’t sing the praises of the leaders and members of the corp high enough - Wish i had know about them years ago - probably would never have stopped playing…

What you see is what you get… 3 more active pilots please

I’m interested. 51m sp but a noob to pvp. Most skills are aimed toward exploration and combat, with the ability to mine as well. I would like to learn more about pvp and do what I can to help the group, but my main source of income has been exploration. I would like to learn more about the null sec corporation

I like the culture you’re trying to promote and anyone whose mantra is a quote from Admiral McRaven gets my vote. I’m certainly interested in talking about what I can bring to the table.

Do you have any italian boys with your corp buddy? Tnx :slight_smile:

Are you fully amarr? I have a char who is currently burning his bridges with Minmatar, and gallente.

I just sent you an application, hope that you are still recruiting :wink:

Do you have discord? I would like to talk with you guys :grinning:

Quick question, i’ve been looking at your corp fleet doctrines, and just wondered how flexable you are on them, if a char wants to only spec amarr ships, would you allow that char to train for those ships and give them fleet fits or whatever within amarr ships? Or would it be ‘this ship, nothing else’

I’m looking too come back too null sec will give you guys a shout later

I’m a new player, I only have around 1.6m SP but I’d love a chance to join your organization. I’m interested in ‘ratting’ and pvp, I’m not against the industrial side of things and have tried mining; it’s fine with a beer. I think that the corporation aspect of the game is what’s going to get me to stick with it and when I read your recruitment post I said out loud “This sounds awesome”, I’ve looked around for a few days in game but the in game recruitment seems spammy and a lot of “you and me are gonna take over the galaxy together” in our 1 man, just created corp. I’m not knocking the little guy but I want to learn and I’d like a community that’s got knowledgeable people.

Greetings, me and some friends interested in moving to providence. Y guys have a discord server? I would like to discuss some matters

very interested in seeing what i can bring to the table…i am a total newbro, but i learn quick, and it seems like pvp in null is where I want to be.

Are you still looking for pilots?

Where do I applie

@Richard_Branson Just sent you an in game mail, thanks a lot!

Looking forward to speaking with someone about joining, Thanks.

101 souls onboard…

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