The Squirrel Academy (2004) - PROVI-BLOC CLARION CALL - Grab your nuts!

We go again…

A clarion call to veterans of CVA and PROVIBLOC to return to the land of good fights.

Apply to join ‘in-game’ to The Squirrel Academy with your references, for fast-track membership.

A positive standing toward the Amarr Empire is preferred, allowing for those who wish to participate in faction warfare. AMARR VICTOR!!

We are a mature, no drama, ultra-low-tax corporation, established in 2004.

24 souls onboard

We are recruiting

Great corp and part of CVA, one of the oldest and most storied alliances in Eve

Twenty year’s this summer!

Industrialists, miners, and warriors equally welcome.

Join today, and help make Provi great again!

Join today. There are blue skies over Providence.

Grab your nuts!

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