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About The Tuskers

The Tuskers are a PvP corporation, pure and simple. We dabble in piracy due to our low sec piracy roots. We now engage in almost any type of PvP - if there are explosions, we’re interested! We are primarily a small gang (or solo) PvP corporation, where pilot skill and communication is key. In Tusker fleets you are not just another number - every pilot plays a role and can be relied on.

At the moment, a significant number of us are living in a C2 wormhole with a static NS / C5, roaming out of it to where we may.

Some videos of our fleets:

We also have a history of competing in the Alliance Tournament, winning Alliance Tournament XIV. Although some of our tournament members have moved on from EVE, our competitive spirit remains.

Despite all of this, we’re not an elite or high-skillpoint corporation, but we do have some great pilots; come roam with us, and help us build a reputation of excellence. What we can offer you is a home in New Eden and beyond, with a mature family of like-minded pilots beside whom you can fight, chat, and laugh.

Out of game, we communicate using Discord, discussing Eve as well as other games we play together, such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Blood Bowl, Dota and World of Tanks.

This is a classy corporation, so please don’t apply if you are fond of foul language, vulgar conversation, or posting “adult” images on the forums. We may be PvPers, but we’re not griefers; we don’t scam or talk smack, we treat our opponents with respect, and we always keep our word. We’re proud of our reputation for honouring ransoms, and we expect you to do the same.

If the above sounds great to you, please head over to our forums for more information or speak to any of our members, particularly:

CEO: Suleiman Shouaa
Directors: Christina Tsunemori, Glasi Vookto, Jaxley, Johnny Twelvebore and Skyler Hawk
Public channel: The Tuskers Public Channel

Join Tuskers, you’ll love it! Every day is a different day thanks to the static NS. If you’re interested, stop by the public channel and say hi!

Been here 7 months. Have learnt a lot, and made some good friends. If you are interested in flying with competent pilots and have an itch for small gang pvp, this is a great place to be

great pilots, better people - join us!

Living in a C2 with a NS static is one of the best ways of generating content. You never know whose space you’ll end up in next. One thing is certain: you will likely be outnumbered and will have to fight intelligently to stay alive.

If that sounds like fun to you, put an app in for Tuskers! Head over to The Tuskers Public Channel ingame if you have questions.

One of the greatest group of pilots to fly with. Ive been with Tuskers for about a year now and really enjoy it. The content is always great and the talent base is what you would expect out of the Tuskers. Our pilots solo all the time and fly with a group just as often. You’ll never have to deal with a spergy comms or local. Our members are mature and its the image we like to carry in our community also. Head over to The Tuskers Public if youre interested in flying with us, we’d love to bring more pilots into the community. Cheers!

One of our members filmed the PvP he got up to in 24 hours, a mixture of solo & small gang PvP
I was omw to their WH when Sulei asked for back up, i actually joinned Tuskers on my way there. I got into Chaos, then the Null Sex static then this fight happenned.

First actual nano fleet with them and we get this awsome BR. I joinned them about 2-3 weeks ago. Friendly, nice culture and good pilots. 10/10 would recommend. <3

I made a video of fight out of our C2 wormhole. Unfortunately this fight ended as my solo fight, but we always try to escalate fights to bigger fights by holding an expensive ship alive, rather than killing them and go.

If you are looking for exciting fights where you win outnumbered fights with superior piloting, communication, knowledge and experience, Tuskers can be your home!

Tuskers are looking for content creators and Pilots who are not afraid to fight against the odds.

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