The Volition Cult [VOLT] is recruiting Corps & Members

The Volition Cult, founded in 2006 and living in Querious, is recruiting! Corps and Players welcome!

The Volition Cult has it’s soul already in its name:
Cambridge Dictionary: “volition - the power to make your own decisions”

This comes down to:

  • lesser rules and regularities then many other alliances
  • we are a family and look for each other
  • high transparency and good communication

But that just isn’t it, VOLT can offer you more!

  • very good nullsec space in Querious for every activity you want and lots of content around
  • very good IT technology to help CEOs & Members, just naming some: forum, TS, Discord Channels, Fleetup & FatLink system, Tripwire
  • low taxes
  • SRP system

So - if you search for an alliance with a friendly, familiar atmosphere to do PvP in all scales, mine, rat, build or explore, you should consider:
The Volition Cult!

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ive been in volt for over three years, i can’t see myself anywhere else <3


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