Theology Council Applicant School / T-CAS

Greetings fellow capsuleers,

the Theology Council did approve the establishment of an institute to teach recently graduated Amarr capsuleers. The Royal Amarr Institute, the Hedion University as well as the Imperial Academy assured their assistance.

On 12/10/YC121 the Theology Council Applicant School opened its doors.

What does T-CAS offer:

  • capsuleer orientation and flight advice
  • lecture on mission agents and types
  • lecture on asteroid degradation and reprocessing
  • lecture on manufacturing and brief preview on laboratory operation
  • lecture on exploration techniques
  • ship fitting help for all above lectures
  • lecture on how to keep your slaves productive
  • regular Q&A sessions

The Applicant School does only consider graduates from the Royal Amarr Institute, the Hedion University and the Imperial Academy!

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.

Yours faithfully,
principal Brother Timaeus

“OOC”: I have been playing EVE for 9 years. it is time for me to start and give the new players a hand and guidance. Hopefully this will be a ladder to overcome the learning curve.

Discord Voice will be mandatory for fleets, Q&As and lectures. // EUTZ

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Amarr students,

your Empire needs you ready for greater tasks. get your training started today.


T-CAS now also has some corp fittings saved.
especially for the ship types that can be flown with very little skill time involved.

T-CAS press release #1

student capsuleers of the Amarr empire;
it is upon you to fight back the Minmatar threat

prepare yourselves with the training program of the Theology Council Applicant School.
contact Brother Timaeus or get the information from the “T-CAS doorway” channel

Greetings Amarr students,

of course the Theology Council Applicant School is deeply linked with the Amarr Empire and its institutions. Yet the training you can receive is not limited to Amarr resources.

“OOC”: Hello everyone,

  • the T-CAS is a 0% tax corporation.
    all rewards and bounties stay in your wallet!

  • friendly fire is illegal, to protect its members

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