Therapy. - Become "ONE OF US"

Therapy. is Recruiting Players New And Old, and Anywhere in Between.

Alpha players are welcome in Therapy.!

Therapy. is Brave Collective player corporation. We focus on fun per hour with a community feel. We are bringing Newer and Older players together to further our community members into Eve Online, helping them hit their goals and aspirations in EvE.

We’re a null-sec-focused corporation. Most of our actions, outside of Industry, involve Low-Sec and Null-Sec. Industry we venture in Null, Low and High Sec!

We focus on PvP, PVE, and Industry.

Why join Therapy.?

Therapy. is a full member of The Brave Collective, we are not some separate Mega Corp to dump players in, and you will never be treated anything less than part of our community.

That all means you can do whatever you want with Therapy.! To help you we’ve got Brave Dojo, with advice from experienced players in forums and on chat, mentoring, live classes, and skill plans. A wiki full of information, and lots more!

A Great Place to Live

  • We live in the Querious region of null-sec, with access to all Imperium Space.
  • Corp buy-back programs mean you’ll never have a problem selling anything you find while out exploring space

Active Communities

  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for all EVE-related activities
  • Slack and Discord text chat
  • Mumble voice chat for fleets, and just hanging out with friends


  • Active Community - Slack, Discord, Mumble
  • Great Place to Learn and Grow - Dojo + Experienced players
  • Great For Players New to Old! - Alphas Welcome
  • Corp Citadels
  • Active Leadership
  • PVP, PVE and Industry
  • and more


  • Active Eve Character
  • Willingness to participate in our Community

Be part of a community not a number in a corp!

Here are ways to get in touch or check us out:
Therapy. Webpage
Our open Discord
in-game channel: Sh0k Community

Already Sold “GREAT”, Join Our discord Server and Fill out our app HERE

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Happy New Year!

How many days after the new year can we stop saying happy new year

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Good morning
Let me introduce you my name is Adams Kev I have been playing Eve online for 8 years and I have a you know any questions don’t hesitate it’s sure all the same I have a discord know Adams Kev #4152 and my activity know PVE and pvp and I make T1 ships and I’m alpha and if you don’t understand me at all I have a handicap problem and I make a lot of spelling mistakes and I’m not yet an omega for the moment still know how to warn yourself if you speak in English or French

Hello, We are looking for more community members

definitely reach out to us in our discord

hello sorry for the inconvenience does that bother you I don’t speak English I’m trying to learn to speak English but against it I speak French

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