These Urges

Sometimes I get these urges, and it’s so confusing.

It’s like being torn in half. I hate mining, but I hate veldspar worse.

I don’t know whether to gank miners, or mine gankers.

Thinking about it constantly makes me weary and feeling thin, like nanite paste spread over too many modules.


buy a chainsaw it helped me out a lot

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If you let me borrow your chainsaw I’ll loan you my snowblower.

as long as you dont expect me to clean it when im done

I wasn’t planning on cleaning the chainsaw either.

Great minds think alike.

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Why not both? One day this, the other that! Just roll an alpha!

Kill them all, they all deserve it anyway! Every single one, no exception!

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The more miners you kill. The more valuable the ore that you mine becomes.

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