Things you will miss (or really not miss) about the old forums!

I am so very much not going to miss hitting “Post” and having it revert back to some earlier version of my post, or erase itself entirely.

I am going to miss some of the emotes. RIP :Pirate:

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Pretty much the only thing I’m going to miss is not having to scroll my cursor over the avatar to see who posted a thread… or who most recently posted in a thread. Also, I guess I will miss the simple design. I’m always in favour of simply forum designs. Though I must admit; usually when forums get upgraded, the new version is slow and clunky and fails miserably. These forums are not slow and clunky; performance wise, the new forum leaves nothing to be desired.

i miss my avatar its like a kitten

not going to miss that at all. my a and c keys are the most worn down on my keyboard from pressing ctrl+a, ctrl+c for every post…

Going to miss the big avatars, could tell who was posting from the picture a lot of the time.


This thread may have been inspired by exactly this happening and me forgetting to copy it to clipboard first. Thankfully I could back-button to get it back, but still super annoying.

The posts in this thread are making me miss the old big square avatars though. If they were to add an option for it I think that’d be pretty nice.

You could always inject some CSS :nyanparrot:

I miss knowing what organization the person I’m chatting with belongs to. Although I partially think this is a good thing since it removes some of the good and bad stereotypes certain groups are known to have hanging above them. I still miss it.

Yeah, it’s a mixed bag, though personally I don’t think I’m going to miss it too much.

Going to miss my big avatar picture, and my accumulated “Likes received: .”


Definitely will miss the signature line.



I’m going to miss, whiny adults acting like children, All talk no-action elite orifice spewers, the occasional 500lbs rl female player who comments regularly and at length…that of a novel(S).

I’ll miss a place that was barely moderated and all sorts of ridiculousness ensued. Staff/volunteer and client relationships…biased outcomes of complaints. I could go on but I’m sleepy.

It will however be a good example of a “how-not-to” forum.

Will miss it being easy to navigate to the Market Discussions forum, which is now much more hidden.

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Will not miss the terrible experience on mobile of the old forum.

Will miss the ability to easily swap between characters.

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I will miss pages! Who thought that having all posts of a thread in one long list is a good idea?
That is a big step backwards in usability.


going to miss the simple bandwidth friendly forums, I moved to Africa and ive already seen the cell data damage on these forums from another poster.

Also INB4 EvE Online 2

Are you running on 512k dial-up or less?

I miss the brief synopsis of details under people’s avatars

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You can fill out your profile and get a badge…it’s something.

I’ll miss the mouse over that gives the first couple sentences of a post. Gave a good preview of if it was worth clicking into for content, tears or just another whine to ignore