ThinkStation Nvidia Quadro P4000 8GB GDDR5

I do not play games like I used to, but I might continue exploring EVE. I have a new ThinkStation and I might upgrade my graphics card to

I use it for work related stuff, but I was just wondering if it has enough punch to run EVE at max settings?

It should have, but nobody will be able to tell you for sure… As you are undoubtedly aware, Quadro cards are not designed with gaming in mind.

Surprisingly it is better than a gtx 1060 and a little less good than a gtx 1070. So its awesome for eve online.

Note that I was also under the impression quadro chipsets were awesome in 2d rendering yet slow for 3D. This has changed considerably since the 90s. But price/performance is low due to the high price but even its price also dropped a little.

If you have a fast ssd and a great cpu you will be able to run it on max with 60 fps with drops to 50 for a few seconds on some transitions.

Ps: make damn sure proper ventilation is assured with both cpu and gpu heating…


60fps? Naaah.

I have EvE running on a GTX 1060 with an i5 from 2013 and 8 gigs of ram and it runs at max settings at over 300FPS (1920x1080).

I think you’ll be fine!

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My older gtx 970 also handles it quite well enough. Damn, I didn’t realize the Quadro class had become so powerful for 3D stuff!

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He asked on max settings. Can you try it out on your rig and tell us the fps on undock?

What is your machine RAM?

That card has large memory. Keep in mind, if your PC RAM and CPU aren’t powerful enough in Tflops, then with an old PCI Express socket they can be a bottleneck in your system.

For that Nvidia Quadro you need like PCI Express 3.0 and like 16GB RAM. The problem is that video card is reserving some motherboard RAM for a exchange data buffer. It can reserve from 4GB to 8GB RAM for textures. So, this will turn into intensive HDD caching on low PC RAM, which is another bottleneck. The CPUs i5, i7 are ok.

My advice. For a relatively old PC, get a video card with lower RAM better. She will run faster and she will support EVE very well.

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As I recall, the main difference between your run of the mill gforce and a quadro is the quadro has enhanced precision for CAD applications, runs slightly slower than the gforce reference card, and usually uses a separate driver that isn’t updated as regularly.
Unless you need the quadro for CAD, save your money and get a gforce.
I know that for a while it was possible to flash quadro firmware to a gforce and save a few hundred bucks on your CAD rig.

I have 2017 model of Lenovo ThinkStation with 32 Gb DDR4 and i7-7700K.

Nvidia Quadro series primordially was designed for mobile workstations. I once had such a mobile workstation. The GPU was optimized under OpenGL and had some sinks of performance during some DirectX computing.

Your model is designed for DirectX 12 and what is most important she has Memory Bus Width 256 Bit! As @Nikea_Tiber posted about drivers, your machine is Lenovo ThinkStation, which should be perfectly optimized with Tflop power and drivers for their video card ThinkStation Nvidia Quadro.

Overall, your PC can push over 40-60fps in all modern games at Ultra video settings.

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