This character is SOLD

Selling my mining and Marauder (Paladin) PVE missioner pilot Chaddite.
He has 9 Jump Clones that are all in High Sec, 7 clones are fitted with +5 implants and 2 clones have standards - all fitted out for exceptional rock bashing and ice mining plus, some clones are fitted out for Paladin use.
As of 26-9-2018, he has 106,417,324 skill points :wink:

Sisters of Eve 6.56,
Ammatar Mandate 4.64,
Caldari State 3.66,
Minmatar Republic 3.52,
Gallente Federation 2.38,
Amarr Empire 2.36

Currently docked at Perimeter IX-Caldari Constructions Production Plant
Neural remap available.
No Kill Rights outstanding.
Many very expensive skill books injected (incl super capital skill books) EXCEPT anything to do with Precursor … (sorry) - please check Eve skill Board for more details ….
+5.0 Security.
Starting Bid at 20Bil
Buyout 80Bil
Usual rules apply.

SOLD - Subject to CCP Rules for Transfer conditions.

20B offer

50bil ready right now take it or leve it

convo me in game. we can come to a price

65B offer

68b final offer

i’ll just go ahead and put my wallet. 70b is what i got.

Hey Durantis,
Thanks for your offer and, you are the highest. I will be online in 7 hours from time stamp of this message.
If you are still interested, I hope to see you then and we can arrange the transfer.


CONFIRMED. message me in game. or convo em

I am online now ….

71b offered

Hi Absolute Truth, You are the highest bidder, please forward the ISK and send me your account details to initiate transfer.


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Isk sent and account information sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

Is there any update on the status of this character transfer? I haven’t received the transfer mail.

Hi Abs, I received an Email from CCP GM Eidolon, he started the transfer approx 3 hours ago.
I have had no errors or warnings so, I assume everything was ok. The account / login for Chaddite has defo been removed from my game login window - so I know its being processed.
I will send a message to GM Eidolon stating that you have not received the transfer mail …

Great! I just saw your in-game messages as well. Thank you!

Hey Abs,
GM Eidolon seems very sure that Chaddite is now on your account. Please could you confirm this?
Hope all is well and the transfer went through - GM E also told me that no notification was sent to you but, the character was transferred.
I hope this is resolved.

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Confirmed, character received. Thank you!

Superb !!! This will be the last message from seller.
Fly safe and enjoy your purchase.

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