This character is SOLD

(Chaddite) #1

Selling my mining and Marauder (Paladin) PVE missioner pilot Chaddite.
He has 9 Jump Clones that are all in High Sec, 7 clones are fitted with +5 implants and 2 clones have standards - all fitted out for exceptional rock bashing and ice mining plus, some clones are fitted out for Paladin use.
As of 26-9-2018, he has 106,417,324 skill points :wink:

Sisters of Eve 6.56,
Ammatar Mandate 4.64,
Caldari State 3.66,
Minmatar Republic 3.52,
Gallente Federation 2.38,
Amarr Empire 2.36

Currently docked at Perimeter IX-Caldari Constructions Production Plant
Neural remap available.
No Kill Rights outstanding.
Many very expensive skill books injected (incl super capital skill books) EXCEPT anything to do with Precursor … (sorry) - please check Eve skill Board for more details ….
+5.0 Security.
Starting Bid at 20Bil
Buyout 80Bil
Usual rules apply.

SOLD - Subject to CCP Rules for Transfer conditions.

(Ducky Paladin) #2

20B offer

(Keltola) #3

50bil ready right now take it or leve it

(The Durantis) #4

convo me in game. we can come to a price

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #5

65B offer

(The Durantis) #6

68b final offer

(The Durantis) #7

i’ll just go ahead and put my wallet. 70b is what i got.

(Chaddite) #8

Hey Durantis,
Thanks for your offer and, you are the highest. I will be online in 7 hours from time stamp of this message.
If you are still interested, I hope to see you then and we can arrange the transfer.


(The Durantis) #9

CONFIRMED. message me in game. or convo em

(Chaddite) #10

I am online now ….

(Absolute Truth) #11

71b offered

(Chaddite) #12

Hi Absolute Truth, You are the highest bidder, please forward the ISK and send me your account details to initiate transfer.


(Absolute Truth) #13

Isk sent and account information sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

(Absolute Truth) #14

Is there any update on the status of this character transfer? I haven’t received the transfer mail.

(Chaddite) #15

Hi Abs, I received an Email from CCP GM Eidolon, he started the transfer approx 3 hours ago.
I have had no errors or warnings so, I assume everything was ok. The account / login for Chaddite has defo been removed from my game login window - so I know its being processed.
I will send a message to GM Eidolon stating that you have not received the transfer mail …

(Absolute Truth) #16

Great! I just saw your in-game messages as well. Thank you!

(Chaddite) #17

Hey Abs,
GM Eidolon seems very sure that Chaddite is now on your account. Please could you confirm this?
Hope all is well and the transfer went through - GM E also told me that no notification was sent to you but, the character was transferred.
I hope this is resolved.

(Absolute Truth) #18

Confirmed, character received. Thank you!

(Chaddite) #19

Superb !!! This will be the last message from seller.
Fly safe and enjoy your purchase.

(system) #20

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