[TILSD] The Independent Laika Scanning Divison - Join the fun

I dont know where to begin really. But i guess it all started a long time ago when 2 geeks met up and wanted to try and find the long lost dog Laika that the Russians sent into space back in 1957 with sputnik 2. This was back in 2009!
We have been playing on the believe ever since that Laika is indeed still somewhere in space and where the only ones looking.
We take great pride in that and even wether we PVP, PVE, Explore, Mine or Manufacture we leave no stone unturned in our search for Laika.

New players are welcome for a limited amount of time!
We do have alot of services in our null area that you will be hearing alot more about if you contact me ingame.

Many greetigns and cheers
//Sir Bizzenstein

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