Titan Haw Guns PVE!

Can we please get HAW guns back on titans? 4k DPS like it used to be but Make it only effect RATS and not player ships.

simple answer → No !


Combat mechanics in EVE are universal and there is no difference whether you shoot a ship piloted by an NPC or by a player.

While some mechanics work less well against NPCs due to weird NPC stats (energy neutralization, sensor dampening), this is not something I would like to see more of. If CCP does anything about that, they should remove the last few differences instead of introducing more.

About your suggestion: no thanks. HAW guns on Titans were removed for a reason.

OK how about the rag remodel AT LEAST: Twitch Video of rag



Sure. But while equipped and in space, your ship takes 2% hull damage every second until it explodes. You cannot dock or tether after your ship starts taking hull damage.

Sound good?

Damn internet memes, i cant see the word HAW without seeing HAWK TUA

u know HAW was removed for a reason, right?

Maybe, but was it a good reason? You should be able to fit HAW on anything with a turret slot. Otherwise, it’s not a sandbox.

On a side note, when I was deployed overseas, we had people throwing rocks at tanks. That’s LITERALLY what a “sandbox” produces.

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