To all Ex Co2 Members

As an ex Co2 Corporation, Pew Squad would like to extend it’s hand to those needing a new home after the Co2 mess. If accepted into Pew Squad, we will offer to move your assets from Jita to our space at no cost to you. Here is more info on us:

Public Channel is “Pew Squad Pub”

Just met them but these guys are awesome! Come check by yourself!

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any EX Co2 wanting a change of scenery come join “Pew Squad Pub” all welcome

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Looking forward to any Co2 members who want to move into a fun and laid back corporation. You have suffered long enough. Come to play with Pew Squad and enjoy playing EvE again.

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Great fun group to be a part off. No drama, just lots of fun and shooting stuff

Co2 Pilots! Our doors are open to you! :slight_smile:

Still offering help and new home for Ex Co2 Members :slight_smile:

Just join public channel “Pew Squard Pub” and check out this fun corp! :slight_smile:

Any Co2 refugee’s needing a new home?

Offer still stands!

Helping our Co2 Friends in need! come on in the water is safe!

Special Offers for our Co2 Friends!

Recruiting! come and chat !

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