Too SETC For My Shirt (nullbear and more gravy)

Let’s not get crazy for a moment, and realize that this game is plagued by an extreme multitude of corporations who all sound the same. It really is pathetic. “Close-knit” corporations looking for additions, no matter the home they provide… it is ultimately the same.

SETC sets the bar. Our aspects of social interactions are based player by player. Some log on every single day, and aim to participate in chats with other members. Some, we have not seen often but they continue to make themselves known when they can. Our corporation has members who have different lives. Availability is governed by many obstacles, but never EVE Online. This game is secondary to our belief as a corporation of pilots. The true goal is to further yourself in life, anyway you can.

For 2018, for me, my dedication was simple. TAKE ADVANTAGE

Words are easy to live by, if you truly believe them. I intend to rise above others, without stepping on anyone during that process. You should too.

This is simple, and you are welcome to contact me about this… our requirements;

  1. Don’t be an idiot
  2. 10m skill points minimum
  3. IF you happen to be an idiot, be wealthy, lucky, and/or funny, in your weird attempts at playing this game.

No truer words about SETC could be spoken. Came for the nullsec, stayed for the people & culture.

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Still actively looking for new members.
Drop us a note or stop by to chat.

Great Corp awesome bunch of nerds to fly pew pew ships with

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As the weather warms up, we still are definitely interested in inviting new players to our ranks. I want to elaborate on a few things. First, we enjoy our capital play, however we strongly suggest a basis of sub-cap play that fits the situation. Knowing when to use the big toys and not, is crucial.

We are not just inviting big capital pilots with millions of skillpoints, also newer players. Being able to sit in a capital ship is certainly not a requirement. Sub-cap pilots are welcome! We fly a number of ships in our doctrines.

Secondly, our reach across nullsec and abroad increases! We have established new areas for members to take advantage of. Learn more in our channel, SETC-Public

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We are still accepting new members.
Lot’s of opportunity and a good group of folk
(except for one or two … :slight_smile: )

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