Toon not showing up in Singularity


My toons are not reflected in singularity, and i’m unable to test anything…

Can you please import my TQ toons onto singularity??


Toons cannot simply be imported onto SiSi.

If you were Created a few days before, on, or after 2/15/2021 You will not have access to SiSi.

If you were created WELL before 2/15 but have since changed your password, you will need to remember your old password to access SiSi.

Char transferred 4/15/2021. That is just for the one you posted with… Any other toons if you bought after 2/15/2021, you won’t have access to SiSi until the next Mirror Which could be end of this month or next month… or whenever CCP deems it necessary

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