Toon sold

33m SP, Specialized into Naglfar, JFs, and Chimera

  1. T2 Siege/T2 Naglfar guns
  2. JDC 5, JF 4 Nomad/Ark
  3. Decent Fighter/Carrier skills
  4. Almost all Training Complete for Rorqual
  5. Has One Remap Available
pw: 1234

Starting bid: 27b

Toon is in NPC corp, in Jita, no negative wallet balance






Current bid is 27.5b!

29 Bil

29.5 Bil

31 bil.

31.5 bil

31.5b will be accepted in 24 hours, auction still open

31.5b accepted, ready to transfer.

Isk and account info sent

Character transferred have fun with ol’ dildoh

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