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Looking to aquire a loan for a rorqual pilot, paid back within 2 months with 15% interest.

Your alliance has no nullsec sov space. You seem to be active in low-sec, but you also seem to be losing fully-fitted Athanors in aforementioned lowsec. How will you be able to rorqual-mine, let alone make 26bil in 2 months?

The loan is to aquire the rorqual pilot. the corp this character is in is irrelevant.

This has a better chance of being funded in Jita local than MD.

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So… you want 20b to buy a character that is trained into rorqual mining, but fail to provide any information beyond that? Even jita local wouldnt touch that.

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Actually, it is very relevant. It helps us gauge how safe your rorqual will be.

We dont want you coming back in 2 days saying “OOPS LOST MY RORQUAL PLZ 4 BILL MORE FOR NEW ONE”.

Allright well thank you all for your feedback. I am no longer looking for a loan. I will just play other parts of the game.

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