Total Mayhem. PvP Only - Sniggerdly (Pandemic Legion) Training/Vetting Corp

(Sinfony Prime) #103

I just joined a couple of days ago, and my pvp content literally sky rocketed. This corp is filled with straight up killers. Very active, real small gang, and just pure pvp. If you are looking for a corp to hone your skills, get rid of the shakes in a brawl, look no further.
I have already accumulated 18 kills in a matter of 3 days, and I want more!
Proof bellow:

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(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #104

Join today!

(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #105

Looking for a pvp corp then come by and have a talk.

(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #106

Still looking for good people.

(Loran Chelien) #107

My name is Loran Chelien and this is my favorite recruitment ad in this forum

(JadeRose) #108

If you dont join we will find you xD

(Renwault) #109

Picking on people…especially krabbers. Salt is being mined.

(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #110

We are still looking for good people.

(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #111

Recruitment is still open

(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #112

Come join in on the fun

(Renwault) #113

Still having a blast. Great group of pilots.

(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #114

Still looking for good people.

(ISD Fractal) #116

I removed an off topic post.

(Captain Jack Rackham) #117

recruitment is still open, come join in the fun

(Renwault) #118

Still recruiting content driven pilots. We do all kinds of PvP activities.

(Renwault) #119

Recruiters are currently standing by. Join our in game channel for a chat.

(Sendo Nokana) #120

Free pro tip: When your loki is tackled, align to warp out,overheat MWD, AND USE YOUR F’ING WEBS

(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #122

Still recruiting

(Renwault) #123

New deployment inbound. Come join in the fun.

(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #124

Open to active pvp’ers.