Total Mayhem. PvP Only - Sniggerdly (Pandemic Legion) Training/Vetting Corp

(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #125

Looking for active people.

(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #126

Recruitment is still open.

(Sendo Nokana) #127

Protip of the day: repair heat damage while in warp!

(Sendo Nokana) #128

PROTIP of the day: You can repair heat damage while reloading, very handy for rlml!!

(Yilaine Anesis) #129

Join our ingame channel for a chat, recruitment is open and targets are many. Come get your fill today!

(Space-Punk BloodAngle) #130

Still recruiting

(Yilaine Anesis) #131

Recruiting active pilots in all timezones for constant PVP action. Cast off the shackles of fleet comps and endless timers and push yourself to the limit of your abilities with Total Mayhem.

(Yilaine Anesis) #132

Still recruiting active pilots, drop whatever you’re doing and get in corp, shoot things, git gud.

(Yilaine Anesis) #133

Still recruiting! Get in fleet! Come join the fun!

(Diehard Si) #134

Come join us in Mayhem

(Yilaine Anesis) #135

Still recruiting active pilots!

(Yilaine Anesis) #136

Get in fleet!

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