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I would like to welcome all Traders and encourage everyone to use Trade Market as your trading hub.

We at TRADE MARKET take our motto seriously. Join our Trade Market mailing list or the TRADE MARKET CHANNEL.

Creating Value Globally is something easily said, but not easily achieved. We utilize our networks in power trading, buying/selling, warehousing, and supply chain management in eve to deliver results to the bottom line.

At TRADE MARKET we have many resources and traders at our disposal to achieve our goals. Whether you are a supplier or affiliated with us, let us exceed your expectations in Trade and Investment.

We specialize in power buying/selling, investment market goods, trade activities, mining, building and bpo/bpc and kits.


Lets do business
Sasen Black

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Where is this trade market located, and why would we use it if it isnt located near a large trade hub?

And if it is located near a large trade hub, what makes you think it will last longer than a week when people begin to wardec and tear it down?

trade market best market :slight_smile:

All new contracts added too MOTD and many more added too a Traders bio

Buy my ships in this channels!!

Im in :slight_smile: I buy and sell on TRADE MARKET. Just join the channel and have a chat, its a laugh, and you can find some bargains…

                    SUNDAY AUCTION

Welcome to TRADE MARKET Auction that happens every Sunday. I invite everyone too attend and bid on the many items or join our channel TRADE MARKET. If you are too busy join our TRADE MARKET mail.

If you have any questions contact me

1PM EST until 2PM EST
EVE time 16:00 until 17:00

Hi, my name is Galen Meric and if you hang around the TRADE MARKET channel, you probably at least know my name. I recently went on a quest, A quest to bring my EVE ship building business to a higher level, so I came up with this… I made a google form, for the propose of stream lining the ship order pipeline. this is it.
Me and my people have been working very hard on this for the last couple of days, and here it is
dramatic music

I would like to simply invite anyone who wants to buy/sell too join our channel TRADE MARKET or is new to trade to the channel

i got 1x Astarte Blueprint t2 bpo for sale

taking offers from 180b.

Location atm: Jita 4-4

Join our Trade Market auction on Sunday’s if your buying or selling contact me in game.

TRADE MARKET supports all forms of trade. To create isk for our TRADE MARKET members. If you haven’t heard of us come and join our channel. Do some Trading …chill and have some fun




You want a place too advertise with a chance too buy and sell join our discord. Our discord is modded with a no bull ■■■■ attitude. You want too make isk TRADE MARKET will take you too the top.

How do I find your discord?

isnt there already Jita Local II?

TRADE MARKET would like to welcome all traders to our channel. The TRADE MARKET channel supports all trade and traders. The channel also provides TRADE MARKET mail with over 100 traders listed. We encourage you too start trading with other traders and join the TRADE MARKET mail.

Perfect Idea helps a lot thanks

Hello Traders. If your new too Eve or a vet and your involved in trading. Join our channel called TRADE MARKET or add TRADE MARKET to your mailing list. Atm the trade channel has a contest going on. Join the channel and begin trading.

A great place too trade at

Is it just for trading items or can you use for other thngs like finding suppliers for items on a regular basis?