Trade Masters Consortium Corp. wants you

Trade Masters Consortium on Tranquility, is focused on growth and redemption for its members by spreading wealth, knowledge and prosperity.

We’re mostly a high sec team, operating as a paramilitary organization for combat missions and as a respectable corporation for business operations.

Combat operations:

  • while we try to avoid unnecessary PvP, at combat level we train for complex maneuvres and operations, to ensure combat readiness for our members and increase our defense capabilities

Business corporate operations

  • we are specialized mainly on exploring, mining, industry and as our name implies, on trading and commerce in which we aim to be the best at.

We’re actively recruiting and accepting applications being open to new and veterans capsuleers. The only minimum requirement to join us are:

  • to be active and passionate about Eve as we are,
  • to poses a basic level of maturity so you won’t get into trouble by spoiling the fun for all of us around New Eden

We are offering a wide range of great benefits, for new pilots and veteran capsuleers alike, our main focus being our members’ satisfaction and attracting and retaining great quality elite pilots in our team.

We help each other no matter what and we leave no one behind.

All For One And One For All

If this sounds like something you agree with, then apply to join us now…!!..

If you have any questions, or you’d like more details, post it here, or join our public channel in-world @ TMC-Recruiting to talk to us…


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thank you kindly, we appreciate it…

we are looking for pilots, active on US evening time zones, to join our Fleets, for low-sec operations

we are open to all pilots, from alpha to omega, from new bros to veteran experienced pilots and everything in between

we have current openings to cover the following roles:

Scouts - explorers - aka EagleEye Wing

  • scouts - probing, searching the unknown
  • minimum frigate class ships, with probing traits and fitted with probes

Damage Dealers - aka The Butchers Wing

  • minim destroyer class ships preferred, but mean spirited and cruel frigates are also accepted
  • snipers, mid to long-range - missiles fitted ships
  • any other ship with a pilot able to inflict damage in any way, shape or form

Juggernaut & tank - aka The Tyrants Wing

  • battlecruiser class minim, preferable battleship class
  • the tanked ships, able to sustain some damage
  • upper-tier ships for endurance

Healers - aka The Corpsmen Wing

  • minim frigate class, with remote repair traits
  • we need those valuable corpsmen and healers to look after our teammates, to repair shields, armor, and hulls, of their fellow wingmen

EWOs - aka The Sandstorm Wing

  • Electronic Warfare Operators
  • warp disruptors & scramblers, weapons and targeting disruptors, sensors dampers jammers, signal distortion and more,
  • we need EW skilled pilots and their properly fitted ships specialized in EW

Salvagers - aka The Scavengers Wing

  • any ship, even corvettes, with salvaging capabilities to clean up the wrecks
  • this would be the ideal role for those pilots willing to earn more experience and some street cred among their peers

Assets Traders - aka The ChaChing Wing

  • we need those pilots specialized in trading, able to maximize fast the profits obtained from the loot and to distribute in a fair system the shares to fleet mates after the operations are completed

**Fleet Commanders - aka The Kingpin Wing **

  • we need those pilots with the skills to plan the operations, the trips, the routes, able to lead the air units and wings into battle, able to keep their cool and decide wisely under pressure

Jokers - aka The Jesters Wing

  • yep, we need those jokesters too, to keep it fun, to enhance the fun for all of us, after all, we are in New Eden to have fun, so those who can make us smile and keep a fun positive atmosphere, even in the middle of the battle, are critical for a cohesive unit and an efficient fleet

final considerations:

  • we’re trying to do about 2-3 hours of fleet operations, based on a set schedule, usually evenings US time zone, usually about 2-3 times a week
  • you’ll have to relocate to our star system, to one of our bases of operations, that will be your home base once you join us formally
  • altho’ we understand that a pilot and the ship may be able to perform a combination of those roles, one specialization must be dominant and reflect one of our key roles
  • only active and skilled pilots need to apply
  • if you are a dormant alternate secondary character, then our team is not the right fit for you
  • we’re accepting pilots in training if they are active and we provide basic training and one-on-one mentoring if needed
  • a minim level of maturity is expected, to be able to integrate with the chain of command and discipline required for fleet operations

for more details, or to apply, post it here, or join in-world our chat channel @ TMC-recruiting

Interesting group of veteran and new to mid-range experienced players in this corp. I recently joined as a more experienced player and appreciate the effort being put in by the CEO to incorporate some structure into the corp.

we’re glad to have you on board mate, our team is already stronger with you on our side…