Trader Ratings (Contract Scores)

How do you judge whether or not to purchase from a company or organization? Well, often you look up reviews of previous customers and consumers.
Why is something so ubiquitous in contemporary times nearly nonexistent in the futuristic world of EVE online?

My proposition is for the implementation of a player feedback based rating system at the contractual level, or possibly even expanded to all “market trading” activities.

To elaborate;
Currently there is no feedback mechanism in place for either contracts or trading, and as there is a demand for such, the bounty system has become the de facto standard for leaving a “negative review” of sellers, I don’t believe this was the intention of the bounty system, nor is it that “good” of an option (as there is no way to actually leave “good” feedback), not to mention the temporariness of bounties in general.

I think the best option for this would be implementing a feedback option post-contract or if expanded, post trade, based on the current 0.0 sec rating model.

Obviously there should be protections in place for the seller, for instance weighted diminishing returns on negative reviews by the same individual (and possibly corp or even alliances); a gradual return to equilibrium (0.0) without further input etc.

And while I’d personally love to see less garbage buy orders (for less manual price modification on my end as I am quite lazy) I think allowing feedback by non-purchasers on BOs could open up a host of unintended consequences.

I’m quite interested in (and encourage!) everyone voicing their opinion or suggestions on this concept as it’s baby-fresh.

Finally, if implemented, I request the scale to be named the “Randy scale”, with -5.0 being “Not randy”, and 5.0 being “very randy”.

Thanks for taking the time to read this hopefuly it wasn’t garbage orsuggested a hundred times before!

I think that could be good

Do players actually sell things with thier mains? Also, with normal market orders, you cant tell who is selling until you make a purchase.

A shopping mall type of market would be interesting, but dedicating a team to code and implement it would be a wasted resource IMO. CCP would likely mess it up badly too.

Pointless system. How do you have a “negative experience” in exchanging ISK for an item on an automated market/contract system? I mean, it’s not like real-world sales where the item can be damaged in shipping or whatever. Seller behavior is only going to be a factor on the kind of large-scale transaction (buying your corp, renting a titan fleet, etc) that doesn’t officially exist in the game mechanics. And even if you do implement a rating system how do you stop people from rating themselves up to a perfect score with a horde of alts?

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