TRAMPS - We Need Pilots, We Need You!

Time Resolves All Modern Problems

Hey! Thanks for checking out our recruitment ad!

We are a mostly Industrial corp in Wicked Creek and are active members of Combat Wombat alliance and Vanguard Collalition.

Here’s the general info:

  • We are a pretty laid back bunch

  • Our corporate hours are 15:00 - 24:00

  • Teamspeak is a requirement, and must be willing to communicate

  • Fleet experience is not a requirement, however it is helpful for operating in Null

  • If you speak English and German, you’ll get a gold star

Overall, we give you a ton of freedom and mobility. All you need to do is pull your weight when the time comes and have a sense of humor.

Our active recruiters are Askulf Ituin, ripper1 Tivianne, and Katie Volkoff

If you would like to chat us up in EVE go to TRAMPS Recruitment