Transaction completed. Close please


I am for sale

I am also for sale

Pixels for sale

Buy me and my friends!

Save us from the blender!

Are you selling separately or not?

I am open to that if you’d like to make an offer.

What’d be the approximate price for Query After?

I think that’s one of my toons with Amarr Titan skills. I’d say around 8 B.

The future looks dark for this band of heroes.

Closing in 24 hours, buy the lot for 19 B !!!

I’ll take the lot.

agreed. DM me the account name.

ISK for all toons and account names given to Communard Proudhon.

Isk received, transferring commenced

5 toons are across 3 accounts. max toons currently being tranferred, I will need to wait to transfer the other 2.


Transfer request submitted for last 2 toons

Received 3/5, transfer initiated email received on the last 2.