TRI-Hard PVP Corp Ganja Clade has a video!

Looking for that someone Special?

Tired of large blue lists? Sick of Muninns online? Afraid of getting lost in the masses of a block? Join Ganja Clade and Triumvirate! Yes, Triumvirate lives!

We are a PVP first corporation with PVE opportunities to fund your pew. English speaking, some members understand Canadian. There’s a Scotsman somewhere. US and EU content almost daily. We fly everything from small kitey ■■■■■■■■ to hacs, capitals, and command ship doctrines. We’ll get you in fleets for small/medium gang content from day 1 whether it’s alliance strat-ops, roaming, or just yeeting from Jita in experimental comps. All skill levels, from recovering Function Key Primates, to Alliance Tournament try-hard vets are welcome and will be in good company.

We Offer

  1. Chill dudes
  2. Alliance SRP for strat ops
  3. A brand new campaign in an active nullsec area and the opportunity to forge a destiny
  4. Jump freighter services
  5. Active theory crafting to push the bar on PVE efficiency and ISK/hr optimization
  6. High-level game knowledge on Trig/Edencom content including Pochven
  7. A group to play other games with during down time. Currently running Back 4 Blood, Icarus, Deep Rock Galactic, and LoL

We Require*

  1. Full ESI check
  2. Working Mic (we use Discord & Teamspeak)
  3. Minimal 25 mill SP and be over 18 (Omega)
  4. Willing to fly/train into doctrine ships (Faction, HAC, and Capital)
  5. Ability to fund self through PvE (mining/ratting/etc)
  6. Have a dread alt or one in training

*Meet the above requirements but have a friend you play with that doesn’t? We welcome package deals!

We Recommend

  1. Caldari Hac and Missile Skills
  2. Precursor Destroyer 4 with t2 guns
  3. A Carrier or Dread
  4. Balls
  5. Calico Cut Pants

ZKill -

Feel free to reach out to the players below and hit up our Discord. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

US Recruiters: Nikodiemus, Fouston

EU Recruiters: Topcat3000

Discord -

Or find us in the game channel The Hotbox Lounge

We’re still actively recruiting and looking for new friends!

We’re still recruiting! Come make friends!

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