Triglavian/EDENCOM Data, Relic and Capture Sites

Some Fun for the Explorers

Once a system has been flipped to either Triglavian or EdenCom, I think exploration sites, maybe one or two, per system, should appear on the Probe Scanner list.

These sites would contain Data, Relic and Capture sites. Data and Relic sites would contain larger amounts of Triglavian salvage in Triglavian flipped systems and larger amounts of Blue salvage in Edencom systems.

If the flipped system resides in Low Sec then a chance to get either Triglavian Abyssal Modules already mutated or modules for the new Edencom ships would be possible at the Capture site.

If you want Trig goods, get them via the PVE sites, which are already relatively challenging and require relatively higher end fits and/or fleet cooperation. Even if the sites in question had rats in them, it’s just not the same thing. You don’t need lightweight PVE - you need the real deal.

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