Triglavians and morning breath

How do triglavian brush their teeth do they take off their mask?

They must have very poor dental hygiene if they cannot remove masks. A new weapon for their ships can be triglavian morning breath, it only work in short range but do high damage like hybrid blasters


Let that be a lesson to you not to just put any mushrooms you pick into your salad.


What makes you think they have teeth?

Much like their weapons, they need ramp-up time while they chew, for the digestive secretions to make food soft enough to gum it.

They don’t chew, they suck.


Looks like a sick movie for sick people… Name plz, have to see it :smiley:

The Fly (1986)

Ah, thank you. I have seen it, but it must have been 20 years ago…

Back to topic: I bet my money on some sort of go-go-gadget-o toothbrush mechanic inside the mask… Of cours one that spools up and brushes better over time…

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Jeff Goldblum is lookin’ good!

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Someone put some nasty drugs in your heroin you should change supplier.

Or start sharing… :wink:


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