Triple boxing the Frigate Abyssal Sites Viable?


But like would it be worth it or would it be a trouble to do.

I was thinking for
Tier 1’s : Federation Navy Comets “With the utility slot as remote armor rep”?
Tier 2’s : In Worms 10mn ab?
Tier 3’s : same as t2’s or maybe 3 hawks
Tier 4’s & 5’s : 3 hawks?

T1’s Dual Boxing in Tristans is doable and better rewards than T2/3’s solo cruisers.

TMK rewards are Fbase * 2^(lvl-1) * (endcache&frigs?3:1)
that means that the reward of a F3 cr is 4 * base, while the reward of an endcache F1 fr is 3 * base.

If that is correct, it means cr F3 is better reward than fr F1

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