Tritanium Rearrangement Co. - CET timezone Industrial Corp - small indy corp looking to grow

Do you like building things?

The world of Eve requires fresh new metal to be destroyed every day. It doesn’t generate itself from thin air and that’s where we come in: we take ore from space and rearrange it into something more robust and deadly.

Sign up today and have a chance of building a corporation from the ground up to see how far it can go!

We’re offering:
- chill atmosphere
- a corporation blueprint library
- Orca boosted mining fleets
- ship construction program for members

Recruiting Miners, Industrialists, Researchers, Explorers, PvE players.

Languages: English / Polski
Current Region of Operations: Derelik (hi-sec)

Some additional important info:
Currently Tritanium Rearrangement Co. operates on “collective” rules. Here the corporation is a sort of entity of it’s own. We pool our resources together, produce, research and trade as a corporation. At the end of every week profits are split between the corp wallet and active memebers. Active members get their part divided equally among them. Funds that stay in the corp wallet are used to expand our business (new BPOs, citadel construction and upkeep, etc.). Since it’s unconventional we do not rule out changing these to more freemarket corp buyout rules in the future, if glaring issues emerge that can’t be easily fixed.

New and Experienced players welcome!

Took a few years from Eve a recently reactivated subscription. Spent some time in past Corp building T2 stuff and sounds similar to what you are doing now. Would be interested in learning more about your Corp.

Fly safe,

Hello Traveller!

I’ve sent you a message ingame.

Welcome back and fly safe! o7

Bump! Still recruiting.


Growing steadily and still looking.

Hi Jack - potentially interested in coming aboard, only three real questions:

Are you based in high,low or null security space?

What sort of things are you producing?

How active are your members?

Hi leto,

Right now we’re mostly active in hisec, working on our first Raitaru. We do go into low and null from time to time, but have no permanent presence there.
As for production - we deal in all sorts of things depending on market research and what we find. Ships, modules, rigs with T2 production going on bought moon goo. We also sell faction ships we find BPCs for from cosmic sigs. In the future we want to get into basic capital production and maybe structures, but that depends mostly on how much PI can we easily obtain.
And as for activity we’re online on evenings CET time (about 18:00 - 22:00 eve time) every other day. Our fleets are non-mandatory, we prefer to go on chill mode rather than turning the game into work :slight_smile: It doesn’t stop us from making alright isk in the process though :stuck_out_tongue: In general our production throughput will be as big as we can manage while enjoying the game and ofcourse - the more active members we have the more the collective will grow :wink:

Hope this answers your questions :slight_smile:



Hey @Jack_McKnox, I’ve always been curious about the production side of eve, I’ve always done the exploration/pve/pvp side of things. I bought an orca pilot with production skills years back to live a nomad WH life. That pilot has been collecting dust for years now. Do you take in a complete rookie regarding production? Also I have my own Corp with just my pilots in it. So I don’t know if doing an alliance is something you’ve thought of.

Hey i’m a 7 mil SP player who just recently got back into eve. I don’t have any real corp experience, but i’m very interested. No experience with PvP. Most my time is spent mining in my retriever, but i’d like to branch out and see what all eve has to offer.


@Zero_Almighty - ofcourse, everyone’s willing to learn is welcome :slight_smile: We’re not a super hardcore group, and we welcome different playstyles as long as they can contribute something - Exploration, PvE and missions can also bring BPCs and materials for industry. Even alpha accounts can do something in this regard as their industrial capabilities are quite limited. While industry is our main focus - we’d rather do a little bit of everything, as focusing on just mining and industry can get stale and job-like pretty fast. So if you’re interested or have any additional quiestions, don’t hesitate to convo me in game :slight_smile:

@Bob_Thebum I’ve noticed your application in game, but it was withdrawn mere minutes later… If you’re still interested and have questions catch me in game :slight_smile:

@Jack_McKnox my hours have been all over the place lately, haven’t seen you on when I have been on, I’ll keep looking for ya.

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