[[Triumvirate]] Jenova Rising - Retards in Space

Jenova Rising – Retards in Space
Proud Member of Triumvirate.
Who we are

Founded as a highsec corporation, we did evolve after some time into a pvp focused nullsec-corporation. After moving through all of New Eden, the development from renters to founding members of Combat Wombat, quite a lot changed. Now we are a part of one of the most powerful alliances in game. We often fight outnumbered and still leave victoriously. Our home is based in Insmother and the own Sov guarantees a lot of activites. All those to help our members to reach their goals. We are NOT a recruitment corp to learn you the basics of Eve! Of course knowledge can be transferred, but you should be able to know the basics of EVE and how Nullsec works. All of our members are fully grown up people and do have a real life, even families. So real life always comes first.

What goals do we want to achieve?

• The main goal is having fun together. Every member can get involved in all activites
• Quality > Quantity. We are no masscorp, where everybody only is a number.
• Ramping up our own firepower. This should be self-explanatory in regards to the PVP-focus

What do we expect?

• Self-sufficiency. Nobody is left alone, but you should be able to organise yourself
• 20m SP is a minimum
• Your main is able to fly most subcaps and a carrier. Cap alts are a big plus
• English motherfucker. You speak and understand it

What do we offer:

• all pvp flavours from small-scale up to super capital fights
• Jump freighter logistics
• friendly and experienced Eve players with a chill attitude
• production possibilities of all kind

Sounds interesting?
Hit us up in our ingame channel “Jeno Public” or find us on our discord https://discord.gg/Dqwma4J


The war with SOLAR is still going on, JOIN THE FIGHT!


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