Triumvirate. [TRI] Alliance - Recruiting PVP Corporations

Lets go people, fun to be had! We are still recruiting!!

We are recruiting and having fun!

Having multiple fun fights daily, come join!

Come join us, and bring your friends!

We are open for recruitment!

Lowsec renaissance with TRI, join us today

We are recruiting!

Battle Report Tool another great fight todayyyy

we are having fun fights! BRAWL - YouTube dread brawl a couple days ago!

We are recruiting and having fun!!!

CCP Approved! Come join us!

we are recruiting and having fun!

a new corp joined us, yours could be next. come joint he fun!

Took another fun fight tonight and last night, come join the fun!!!

we are having fun in multiple time zones, come join!

come join the fun!!!

bump come join the fun!

we are actively recruiting!

TRi is recruiting!

We are having fun on our new campaign, come join