Trojan Legion (ART0N) High Skill, Higher Reward

We’re not here to recruit you, we’re here to offer you a place at our table.

TLRE is an older corporation with lots of experience and people willing to help. Any walk of life is welcome. Help is a two-way street, help the corporation and its members and it will help you in return.

What we offer:

  • Real life comes first, you do you
  • BLOPS, slapping helpless nullbears
  • No sov, no BS, just good ol’ PVP
  • Newbro or Newbroette friendly, we all started somewhere
  • Alpha or Omega, your wallet your choice
  • Living the lowsec life, piracy at the core
  • Mercenary work

Our Requirements:

  • Full ESI so you can access the services
  • Ability to use Discord and Teamspeak 3
  • Have a good attitude and be willing to help a bro or broette out
  • Want to PVP but not as a full-time job, it’s a game after all
  • Have fun and enjoy playing the game

CEO - Josalyn Inferno

Go to Trojan Legion channel in game or come hang out with us on our Discord at: Trojan Legion

Never not recruiting.

TLRE, always hungry for more.

We’re here, we want you.

Every day is a day to say we’re still looking for cool peeps.

New day, same dollar.

Got a heartbeat? Sweet, get over here and join the fun.

Dropping on nerds, every day.

BLOPS, talk to me if you want in the fun.

Still BLOPsing, still having fun. Get in here, you know you want to.

Always something worth blapping, get in here and give it a whirl.