TSC is recruiting Corps who want to live in Null Sec!

Are you or your Corporation a…

  • Low sec pirate group looking to make the jump to Null but don’t want to just get farmed by larger groups?

  • A high sec industrial corp looking to maximize profits and up your income with Null sec moon mining and ratting?

  • A renter corp sick of paying rent to some big alliance that is more like an extortionist instead of a landlord?

  • A free- thinking corp looking to make a name for yourselves and not just be another number in some massive Null Sec block.

  • A group of like minded pilots who want to split off of your current corp and start something new?

Then The Skeleton Crew is for you!

We are recruiting corps both big and small to come join us in our null sec home. We live in The Spire and have plenty of opportunities for growth and prosperity for our members! Some benefits include…

  • We are an independent alliance so we set our own rules, but we are members of Panfam coalition which means we enjoy blue status and have access to join in on all the fun fleets and deployments if we choose.

  • No PAP/FAT/Mandatory Fleet Quota. We are an alliance that believes real life always comes first. All we ask is that when you can play you fly with us!

  • Full logistics set up. We have Jump Freighter service, industrial stations to build everything from ventures to supers, jump bridges, and more.

  • Room for new leaders and FCs to make a name for themselves.

  • Public access moons. The alliance has moon pulls running constantly that anyone can mine. The only tax in the entire alliance is 10% on what you mine from the moons. Everything else is paid for by the alliance. If you don’t want to moon mine, then you won’t have any taxes to pay.

-Saftey. The Spire is fairly removed from any enemy organizations, the only roams we get are from the occasional wormhole group. This means you can mine and rat in peace.

  • Fun. We have loads of PVP opportunities to have fun though. We do our own wormhole roaming with small and medium gang fleets. We go on deployment with Panfam and fight in major wars. We even have an in-house alliance tournament once a month where the winner receives their choice of a Carrier/Dread/Fax!!!

We are also recruiting individual members into our corp Fancypants Inc. Check out our recruitment video - Fancypants Inc Recruitment Video

Interested in learning more? Contact

In game: Dak Nalar

Discord: Dak Nalar #1087

Or join our Discord server: Discord

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