Tw0 50m SP characters, looking for active clan, WH/PVP

(Hadez411) #1

Looking for a clan that is active and has organized fleets throughout the evenings in EST. Also, access to wormhole space and gas is a plus.

I’m a veteran player returning after 5 years away. Could use a good clan to catch me up.

Can fly caps, t3, gas, dictors, probers all the good stuff for Wormholes and PVP and then some.

(Coyote Benihime) #2

Check out chat in game. convo sent.

(Mulch Dibbler) #3

Ingame mail sent

(Gunthor Gurn) #4

We are recruiting. If you are active between 00:00 and 08:00 come check us out in game at channel NREM.

(Arismoth) #5

Ever been the only active Pilot on at a given time? Inactive corp Problems? Want to experience Wormhole Living? Come be an intergal Part of the Thirteenth Empire . Active Corp. Helpful Members, New Pilot Friendly. Returning Player Friendly.

(Kaelen Mosar) #6

(system) #7

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