Tw0 50m SP characters, looking for active clan, WH/PVP

Looking for a clan that is active and has organized fleets throughout the evenings in EST. Also, access to wormhole space and gas is a plus.

I’m a veteran player returning after 5 years away. Could use a good clan to catch me up.

Can fly caps, t3, gas, dictors, probers all the good stuff for Wormholes and PVP and then some.

Check out chat in game. convo sent.

Ingame mail sent

We are recruiting. If you are active between 00:00 and 08:00 come check us out in game at channel NREM.

Ever been the only active Pilot on at a given time? Inactive corp Problems? Want to experience Wormhole Living? Come be an intergal Part of the Thirteenth Empire . Active Corp. Helpful Members, New Pilot Friendly. Returning Player Friendly.

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