Two 60mill SP toons on final search for fun corps

Hi all, thanks for reading,

Ill keep this brief:

  • Returning player after about a year away from the game.
  • Both toons have SP above 60 mill
  • This toon is more PvP - Dread pilot
  • Alt is industrial support and Carrier Pilot
  • I’ve done most things in EvE at a casual level. PvP, Indy, WH, Null, Low (pirate) HS wars etc etc etc.

This is my last attempt to find a Corps/Alliance before I finally hand in my Pilots Licence for good… so what am I looking for?..

  • A Corps/Alliance that actually has goals and utilizes the MULTIPLAYER in a great MMO.
  • Have fun. Whether that’s PvP, Industrial goals, PvE - I dont really care but it needs to be a laugh.
  • Group that don’t take EvE tooo serious. Yes I like to be kinda serious when playing the game but there is a limit?!
  • RL comes first enviroment.
  • Voice Comms (obviously)

I am more than capable of making my own content in the game and happy to head out on solo PvP roams - thats not an issue. Equally I am happy to do some indy stuff myself - again no drama. However; I’m looking for a Corps that does things together with a vision.

Id like to use my capitals at some stage and be involved… let me know if you think your Corps is a good fit. It will help to actually know why it would be a good fit otherwise I risk (yet again) joining a Corps only to have no-one undock!

Fly safe/dangerous (whatever you enjoy most!)



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Give us a look we might be a good fit. We like pvp and we like to make it fun.

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Eve mail sent o7.

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If your around this evening UK time please check out Suddenly Spaceships and give me a poke when your free. We’re a WH corp that rolls holes for content. We don’t use capitals daily but we have them for home defense and some staged in KSpace.
We’re primarilya UK/EU TZ. I can tell you more or answer any questions tonight.

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Well did you say capital use? Right Click Jump To - RCJT into my discord and I will tell you all about the war we have going on and hhow you can use your capitals. When we arent fighting that we are off crabbing, ratting or just chilling with the guys. There are always ppl on some form of alliance comms, standing fleets, roams etc.

If you want to talk join here:

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My corp motto, well the one i use for my corp is ‘together everyone achieves more’. We are a small corp in a small alliance and from that on sentence

i think you would fit into what i am trying to create well, though i will admit we need more corp members; the alliance i am in also seems to be working along these lines with a fai amount of guys buddying up to do just that.
Im not gonna lie and say we are perfect, without fault; but i sure would like for you to give us a try. :slight_smile:

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@Beresh If you looking for PvP and an Alliance with real goals and real values you should check us out. Swing by our discord and ask for Wesley or Zipp

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[MDLAB] - relaxed null sec corporation Discord - Glorfindeil#2642.
RL first mature community with goals and ability to make them.

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■■■■ knows, but this is us:

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Hey @Beresh

Your post sounds like you are the perfect stereotype of one of our corp members here at Filthy Peasants. We’re a lowsec/npc 0.0 pvp corp that lives in lowsec Solitude. We are also an RL first corp with no activity requirements as we’re mostly all working adults. Our vision is to be the dominate corp in the Solitude and Southern Syndicate areas to which we’ve excelled for many years but there is always competition that creates conflict for us.

We have plenty of content available including cap ops, blops drops, roams, gate camps, and plenty of opportunities to make isk such as DEDs and moon mining. I would like to point out that we’re most active in the US TZs but we’ve begun expanding into the EU TZ as many EST members are active during the EU TZ. I can promise you that there will always be someone on when you’re on regardless of what TZ you’re most active in as we are an international group.

If your interested check out our killboard and forum post to see what we do. Feel free to join our public chat Open Filth or convo Arctanis in game for more information.

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Just take a look… see ya

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hi @Beresh

I think FUN inc would be a good fit!

Check us out here >> FUN Inc. - Putting the fun back into EVE

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feel free to hit us up

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o/ @Beresh,

We are Ushra’Khan and for sure we undock : we are a FW pvp alliance after all. And on a side note the oldest alliance of Eve.

If it’s your last attempt before winning Eve, well take your time and here are the facts : we do mainly small gang or solo pvp, bigger fleets happen but you prefer fleet pvp with bigger ships, it’s not our way of life even if we do it. The corp and alliance is pretty laid-back, we undock because we love pvp not to defend our krabbing ground.

FW has consequences : FW missions, different sizes of hulls for pvp according to the plex, permanent war mechanism, you won’t ever see Jita with your main so you need an alt for shopping.

To sum up : If you want safety, Faction Warfare doesn’t work. On the same topic, if you are looking for giant blobs neither will it work. But if you like frigs and destroyer pvp everyday with some bigger fleets from time to time, we are the place to go.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. In the meantime, good luck finding what you are looking for.

Hope to see you in the battlefield,

Full add can be found here :

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So, found a corps in Null, did a bit with them for a week and their activity has fallen off a cliff - back to my own Corps…

Why is it such a nightmare trying to find a corps that is active and does things together like an MMO should? Or is it that im just out of luck?!

I am still looking for an active Corps that wants to do things together - PvP bias is a must. Can be Null, WH, Low sec or whatever; just as long as its having a laugh. Would prefer to move my corps into an alliance but tbh - not really bothered…

Please only respond if you can guarantee some relaxed, PvP focused lols with the options to make some iskies along the way. Fanks

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If you’re interested in wormholes, take a look at LUX PERMANET. The only reason why I am not talking to you about joining us is because you’re EU tz.


look here … maybe we can be a new home



I replied to your earlier Beresh but I don’t think you talked to us since you’re EU TZ and we’re mostly a US TZ corp. I don’t know what times your active but if you’re around to have a chat join our public channel Open Filth and we’ll see if our play times align at all.