Two Last Bullets (2LB) - Seeking UK/EU Carebears with teeth


We are a small UK based corp currently operating in high and lowsec as part of the Exxitium Alliance.

We are currently looking at strengthening our numbers to enable us to take part in more team/gang based activities as a corporation and as part of a very successful alliance.

Perhaps you’ve spent most of your Eve life doing plenty of mining and industry, but haven’t got those carebear paws dirty yet? Using those pvp skills that you may have trained but haven’t fully got round to using yet?

Maybe your a newer player looking for good isk making opportunities with a bunch of experienced players to learn from?

Or maybe your a lost sole who just can’t quit however much you want to but feel like you could be getting more from the game?

What we have:

  • Families, jobs and anything else that this world decides to throw at us
  • Access to high and low sec moons (lots of them)
  • Variety of industry facilities to suit any of your current industry activities
  • “Content” for the taking
  • Bitter veterans willing to share knowledge and bring new willing to learn players up to scratch


Contact me ingame and we can have a chat.

Thank you.

To the top.

Still looking for peeps!

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