Two Players Looking for ACTIVE WH group US time zone

As the title says two of us looking for an ACTIVE - PVP - US time zone based WH group.

We have maybe 8-9toons between us. Been playing on an off for a few years - during that time we have got rid of some accounts got new ones WON EVE came back you know the drill ect…

If it helps this is a corp me and my friend have had for some time with just our toons pretty much for its lifetime not that we are against leaving it and joining a corp instead of alliance just gives an idea on activity and the like.

We have some experiance of wormholes already but not a huge amount. Both have main toons and alts for scanning hauling and the usual. Both can logi, scan, bait whatever… We’re pretty much down for whatever and helping out with the menial stuff.

Most groups I’ve looked at aren’t that active in US tz or aren’t recruiting ect, so figured I’d try a post here and see what happens

*TLDR self sufficient and just looking for a good group of people who will be down to shoot stuff with us.

Hello there! Would you and your friend be interested in making the move into Pochven? Think of it as a combination between null-sec and Thera.

Stribog Kybernaut Subclade offers players the opportunity to live in Pochven, the newest null-security region in New Eden with unique gameplay and mechanics found nowhere else in the game.

What we offer:
ム Industry - Establish yourself in a new region of space
ム Logistics - Transport into and out of Pochven
ム Mining - Mine unique and profitable ores and ice found only in Pochven
ム PvE - Battle Drifters, Rogue Drones, and EDENCOM
ム PvP - Fight solo or in small-gang warfare
ム Training - Learn how to live, operate, and thrive in this new Region

Stribog is recruiting new capsuleers and corporations of all skill levels and vocations. From moon-mining to small gang PvP, our alliance caters to players on any career path.

We have established ourselves as the largest, most organized, and most industrially developed pro-Trigalvian alliance in Pochven and, over the course of the invasion, we have built up a great community with a number of experienced FCs and dedicated players. We are always looking for like-minded players who are interested in experiencing new content and creating something new.

If you are interested, join the Discord and apply in-game to Stribog Proving [SKS3P].

Hope to fly with you soon in The Domain of Bujan

Would you guys be open to nullsec

Bump, not interested in anything other than wormhole space… Currently have an app in with a group but options are still open whilst that’s pending.

4Victory check our public channel Pindel

Bumps, still looking currently. Got an app in somewhere but until then options are open.

Try Mass Extinction They are sweet.

Hi Chip.

ACTIVATIONS is an active US timezone wormhole PVP Corp. We are currently looking for a few extra pilots. We live in a high class wormhole with a C3 static. We typically fly with small groups of 8 to 12 pilots. Several of our members have been playing the game for 7+ years. I think your group would make a great addition.

You can check us on zkillboard
Chat with in game at “WH PVP” or on Discord.

Let’s chat!

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